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Serve Romania


I came back to Romania on the 1st of March and have been involved both in Emanuel and it village evangelization. It has been a very blessed time. The first few days were spent with 12  2nd year Masters Students teaching Hermeneutics. I then had the opportunity to be involved in my first ‘evangelisation’ near Tagur Mures in the church in Iernut, one of the 8 churches where Pastor Vasile Paul has pastoral responsibility. Opportunity was given to preach in Iernut and in Vasile’s main church in Tagur Mures itself. God really blessed in both places with 7 people seeking the Lord.

I returned to Emanuel to pick up teaching again on Monday the 8th. The students this time were 1st year students. Last time in January we focused on Galatians and Romans; now the lectures were on the Pastoral Epistles. I left again on the Friday 12th, going this time with a former student of the Irish Baptist College, Alexander Szeredai. He became my translator as I was given opportunity to preach in Hungarian speaking Baptist Churches near Zalau and Marghita. We preached in Nusfalau, Ratin, Marghita itself and also in Aghires, Alexander’s home church. The last church also was involved in a week’s ‘evangelisation’ and the opportunity for me was the Saturday night. God seemed to come down in a special way over the 160 or more people present that night. It was something special and a number confessed faith in Christ. It has been such an encouragement to see people being saved – it had confirmed for me my sense of leading to be in Romania. I pray that this in God’s grace is only the beginning. From the pictures here one can see the great need and often poverty in a lot of the villages. There are so many to be reached for the Lord.

My last two commitments in Emanuel were to preach at chapel and be one of four ‘keynote’speakers on Tuesday 16th March  at the Conference on the theme of Eschatology and Ethics. The main papers were given in the morning from 9am and the afternoon until 6pm was given over to the presentation of other papers where there was opportunity for discussion with the Theology students. There is a great commitment here by the students to learn and prepare themselves for the Lord’s work. Some are rising at 4am to study Greek and Hebrew such is their dedication to use their time here in the best possible way.

The last few days were spent with my PhD students registered in the Irish Baptist College, Ovi Hanc, Marius Sabau and Gege Dobrin. I am home to teach again for a few weeks in IBC and then to come again for the Masters week in Emanuel, 3rd May – 7th. Home then for graduation as I hand over my responsibilities at the College to the Principal Designate, Pastor Edwin Ewart. Also Pastor Peter Firth as he assumes the role of Biblical Studies Tutor (at first in New Testament) from 1st August.

In the future they are ‘waiting for me’ in Romania. I sense God’s leading to serve God as best I can in the future in that land. I have invitations to preach in many areas, again in Suceava, where there were such great opportunities in Janurary, in Gypsy villages near Aghires, in Satu Mare and Medias. There is work also in Emanuel for me as well at all levels and particularly as they strive for full recognition up to PhD standard.

Points for Prayer:

–         Pray for those who repented and confessed their faith in Christ in the recent ‘evangelisations’.

–         Pray for all who heard the word.

–         Pray for the work in Emanuel and my opportunities with the students at all levels.

–         Pray for Pastor Edwin Ewart and Pastor Peter Firth as they take over my responsibilities at IBC.

–         Pray for guidance for the future in arranging preaching in various places in Romania.

–         Pray for God’s power and blessing as I preach.

–         Pray for direction as I consider relocating somewhere in or around Belfast as I move from the Principal’s house in Sandown Road.

–         Pray for my good health to continue to serve God.


Back in Romania


I have been back in Romania since the 22nd of November. I thank God for the opportunities which I have had and the encouragements I have received.

It was good to meet again with the 4th year students at Emanuel and to have an opportunity to teach them more of new developments in theological thinking in recent times in the UK. We had an opportunity to study the law in Paul and also to consider the ‘New Perspective’ of E.P. Sanders and how this has developed in more recent times through James Dunn and NT Wright. I encouraged them not to give up their understanding of ‘the works of the law’ as seeking salvation through obedience to the law as Cranfield in response to Dunn (his former student) makes clear.

I was able to attend the graduation of the SGA School of the Prophets in Oradea on the 26th November. It was good to see the success of those I had opportunity to teach over the past two years.

I had opportunity back in October at Satu Mare on the 25th to preach at the baptismal service of Joseph and Milinda Varga. They are Roma people from the Roma village of Odoreu. It was great to see 40 of the villagers there to hear the gospel for the first time! I also learned when I got back on the 22nd November that a meeting place has been arranged and two SGA teachers were able to preach to a full congregation of Gypses as Joseph interpreted for them. God is working in a mighty way there at the moment. Pray for salvation to come to the whole village.

More recently I have been in Medias helping 4 of my IBC research students, Pastors Gigi Dobrin, Marius Sabou, Vasile Paul, and also Marius Usache. I had the chance to preach in the village of Almah Vii outside Medias last Sunday and in the evening in Gigi’s church in the town. It was good to hear of a man who has been attending for many years with his saved wife came to repentance and wishes to be baptised in a few weeks. I was preaching last evening again and this Sunday, in a village and in this church. May God continue to keep his hand upon me.

Next week(DV) I teach again in Emanuel the masters students the Theology of the New Testament, particularly Pauline Theology. I also plan to be at the centenary of Emanuel Baptist Church on Sunday 13th before I have to return home as the University closes for Christmas and I can be with my family.

Please pray also for the little church in Bellaghy, Co Derry. I had the wonderful opportunity of being involved with them for 4 weeks as they held talks in the Community Centre on ‘The Bible in your Home’. Many people came, a lot who do not really attend the church and we are praying that the Good News may change hearts and bring peace and assurance.

I will (DV) be preaching in Grange Baptist and Groggin on 27th December, teaching again in the Irish Baptist College the Pastoral Epistles to the MA students 4th-5th January and back to Romania on the 6th, teaching there for SGA in Suceava School of the Prophets(and in the villages), Oradea, Biske, and being at Emanuel.

Do continue to uphold me in prayer that God may use me and bless his word.

I am probable going to use this web site – in the future for keeping those who remember me in prayer up to date.

Welcome to my post!


Welcome to this page. I am considering using this site now for my ministry in Romania and elsewhere. I will probably stop using the other soon. So you will find me here.